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Predetermined Maintenance Plus Contracts in Central Texas

Routine “HVAC and Electrical Maintenance” provided by Rich Services takes the guess and stress from you, the Business Owner, Property Manager or Homeowner by placing those necessary duties and concerns into the hands of our professional technicians. Step one – you’re doing it! Being proactive, avoiding unforeseen expenses by considering a carefree HVAC maintenance plan for your business or residential electrical maintenance and heating/cooling system needs.

Let’s face it, the day in, and day out structure of life generally keeps everyone busy. So why not spend more time living and enjoying life and pass along your residential and/or commercial responsibilities to the trained professionals of Rich Services.

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Founding this business in Central Texas was no mishap – we believe in sustaining this community, serving those who have served us and doing it with the upmost respect for the community and the patrons. Together making Central Texas a place we’re proud to call home.

Rich Services stands firm in our goals of providing the best services, with fair pricing, performed by folks you can count on!!! Pick up the phone and call Rich Services. Speak to Dan or Deborah about sustaining your home or business needs today!

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Electrical Maintenance Plus

Routine “Electrical Maintenance” provided by Rich Services

  1. Interior/Exterior Lighting and Controls Functions Properly.
  2. Interior/Exterior Emergency Lighting Functions Properly.
  3. GFCI’s Proper Function.
  4. Verify Lighting and Timing Controls are Functioning properly.
  5. Accessible Covers are Properly Secured.
  6. Clearances around Electrical Equipment is Maintained.
  7. Panel Box and Breakers Properly Functioning.

Benefits Include:

  • Routine Maintenance Check
  • 24/7 On-Call Technicians Service
  • 15% Off Parts on any Necessary Repairs/Replacements

HVAC Maintenance Plus in Central Texas

Whether it’s the Texas heat or the sporadic cold temperatures a major nicety we tend to overlook is our heating and cooling systems. That is until the one day, if only for a few hours we are without it. Then the scrambling for resources, repairs and the need for a technician surfaces with a quickness.

All because most of us simply grow accustomed to the comfort these systems provide wherever we are, be it in our homes, out shopping, or dining out. Almost as if “it’s a given” they will always operate as intended. Rich Services would like the opportunity to ensure your HVAC system does just that, by offering a Routine HVAC Maintenance plan.

We’ve provided the basic check list below all of which are performed by Rich Services professionally trained HVAC technicians.   Each are educated to evaluate, maintain and/or repair your system to ensure your heating and cooling system is operating at its peak performance level. Perhaps you have additional requests or concerns regarding your heating and air conditioning unit – feel free to share them with us. Rich Services is open to developing a personal air conditioning service program that meets your specific needs.

Available for all makes, models, brands, and quantities of HVAC equipment.

HVAC Maintenance Benefits Include:

  • Routine Checks of System
  • 24/7 On-Call Technicians Service
  • 15% Off Parts on any Necessary Repairs/Replacements
  • Filter contracts can be added upon request


1. Inspect Ducts.
2. Cleanse condenser coil and unit.
3. Lubricate all moving parts.
4. Inspect blower wheel.
5. Check voltage and amperage to all motors with meter.
6. Check performance air temperature.
7. Check for adequate refrigerant charge.
8. Check belt and adjust tension.
9. Check filters.
10. Check pressure cut out settings.
11. Check contactor.
12. Check all wiring connections.
13. Check air temperature across condenser.
14. Check that condensate drain is open.
15. Check and adjust thermostat


1. Check and adjust thermostat.
2. Clean and adjust all safety controls.
3. Clean burners and controls.
4. Clean and adjust pilot assembly.
5. Adjust burner for efficiency.
6. Lubricate moving parts.
7. Check belt and adjust tension.
8. Check filters.
9. Check flue pipe and draft diverter.
10. Check fan control.
11. Vacuum heat exchanger.
12. Check furnace for fumes.
13. Check out complete furnace cycle.
14. Check for gas leaks in furnace.
15. Test defrost circuit.
16. Inspect blower wheel.
17. Set heat anticipator.
18. Inspect and test heating elements.

Rich Services is also willing to talk through specific request/concerns to ensure our service meets your needs. Upon completion of service your Rich Services technician will make necessary recommendations.